Trip Add-Ons

    • Single Room Stipen

      Single Room Stipen

      Private room - $200. Trip is quoted as double occupancy. If you want your own room, please add this option.

      $200.00 ea.

    • Membership for Texas Lionfish Control Unit

      Membership for Texas Lionfish Control Unit

      Not a member yet? Be sure and support TLCU by becoming a member! You get a free TLCU Membership decal for your tank or vehicle, monthly newsletter, and first access to trips and other events.

      $35.00 ea.

    • TLCU Long Sleeve Boat Shirt

      TLCU Long Sleeve Boat Shirt

      **NEW** Be one of the first to get the TLCU Boat Shirt. This dri-fit, UV protectant shirt will keep the sun off and have you looking great at the same time! Perfect for under your wetsuit, or wearing on the boat! Lionfish on the Back, TLCU Logo on the front, and "LIONFISH HUNTER" down the sleeves!

    • Lionfish T-shirt

      Lionfish T-shirt

      awesome t-shirt. Our latest shirt for 2019!

    • TLCU Decal

      TLCU Decal

      Get this awesome tank or vehicle decal to show your pride and support for Texas Lionfish Control Unit! We sprung for the good ones! UV protected so they will last a long time out in the elements! (Price Includes Shipping!)

      $6.00 ea.

    I hereby engage Texas Lionfish Control Unit (hereinafter “TLCU”) to coordinate the lionfish eco-trip listed above. I agree to pay TLCU a non-refundable deposit of $ $450.00. I agree to the following schedule of payments: Non-refundable deposit are required to reserve a spot, with final payment due 30 days before the start of the trip. Total cost of the trip is $1080.00.

    Payments not made according to the above schedule may result in forfeiture of previous payments and reservation on the above trip. I understand that TLCU will make prepaid reservations for me with the above named independent contractors, or any other contractor at the discretion of TLCU. I understand that TLCU expressly disclaims any responsibility other than for coordinating arrangements with the independent contractors selected to provide accommodations, transportation, and open water activities. I agree to arrange for my own diving gear, transportation, meals, and refreshments, except as otherwise set forth.

    Please note the cancellation policy for the trip you are participating in. All cancellations must be in writing. Since TLCU and its cooperative destination incur unrecoverable charges preparing for these trips, cancellations received within 30 days before scheduled departures are non-refundable and applicant is responsible for full trip payment

    It is our strong recommendation that you obtain both trip insurance and diver insurance.

    You will be responsible for your own transportation to the diving locations. TLCU will assist in carpool coordination between trip participants, but you will participate at your own discretion. TLCU assumes no liability on the reliability or safety of other participants or any transportation to the dive destination. In the event that a carpool situation falls through, you must secure your own transportation. While at the destination, there will be no transfers provided to/from the hotel, marina, or restaurants. Please arrange all transportation to the various locations.

    You will be responsible for your diving gear, including dive computer. Dive computers are mandatory on all dives. Backup computers are recommended. Each participant must have their own dive computer. Please ensure all dive gear is serviced and in working order before you leave for the trip. If you do not own gear, you can rent gear from Dive Pro’s Dive Center in Pensacola, FL.

    I represent that I have been duly certified by a recognized association of diving instructors and agree that I will exercise appropriate care at all times during my diving activities, including the use and observation of proper buddy system techniques, suitable equipment, appropriate ascent and decent procedures, air management, and no-decompression time and depth limits. I also represent that I am current with diving procedures, skills, and dive tables as set forth by a recognized certification agency.

    I fully understand the dangers inherent and incidental to diving that may result from local hazards, physiological conditions, weather, climate, failure of equipment, limited visibility, marine life, current and surf, and expressly assume all risk of harm to me in encountering such dangers. I agree to rely on a local diving service, not TLCU, for orientation to local conditions, such instruction and such supervision are necessary for my diving.

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